The Boo Canterbury Project

My name is Kate Pickergsill and I am a student at the University of Kent. I set out to make this project to explore the ghost climate of Canterbury and Canterbury residents’ attitudes towards the paranormal. Through creating Boo Canterbury, my video dissertation project, I met loads of new people and learned many things. This website documents this journey. […]


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Behind the Scenes

As part of my project I thought it would be useful to keep a blog diary of the filming and editing process, along with interesting things that happened along the way. This was in the hope that not only would it be informative and fun to make and watch, but also that it would help […]

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Symbolic Camera

My symbolic camera was essential in my process of realising my project topic. In this video, I explain why my symbolic camera looks the way it does and its significance to my project and my creative process.  

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Reflexive Essay

It was difficult for me to complete this project for a number of reasons. Us visual anthropology students had the whole of our second term at university to film and edit our projects. We also, however, had most of the Easter holidays to make our films too. And so, in typical Kate fashion, I decided […]

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